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What are the CEC VI standards and when will they be put into effect?

The new CEC Level VI standards tighten regulations for existing power adapters and extend the reach of the standards to include multiple-voltage external power supplies and products with power levels greater than 250 watts. CEC Level VI requirements will be put into effect on February 10, 2016. Compliance with the new standard will be regulated from the manufacturing date, so products may still be shipped as long as they were produced prior to February 10.

HDP is committed to ensuring the move to CEC VI is a smooth transition for our customers. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on how the new regulations may affect your product's power.

AC-DC Power Supplies

Embedded Power

Enclosed Frame Embedded SMPS
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  • Open / Closed / U-frame Types
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External Power

5W global ac dc wall plug
  • 5W - 150W
  • Wall and Desktop Adapters
  • AC Plugs and Cords Available
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