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Custom Solutions

Is your project so unique it requires a special, custom-built power solution? Trust the experts at HDP Power to design and manufacture your unique power supply or custom battery pack! When you partner with HDP, you will receive timely results to having your AC-DC power supply or battery pack built within your product’s development timeline. We support you with comprehensive program management, in-house design engineering, global certification guidance, and dependable manufacturing.

Program Management

A qualified HDP account manager will guide your custom program from the initial design phase to the product delivery. You will receive excellent customer service and high quality assurance due to how HDP operates: we combine western business practices with low offshore manufacturing costs to maximize your product’s value.

Project Flow Typical Lead Time
Engineering and Design 2 Weeks
Tooling 5 Weeks
Certification 8 - 20 Weeks
EVT 2 Weeks
DVT 2 Weeks
PVT 2 Weeks
Mass Production 6 Weeks

In-House Engineering Support

For our US-based customers, HDP has a team of in-house engineers that can provide support and technical expertise in regards to your custom power supply or battery-build. A common engineering request we often fulfill is custom PCBA assembly. Our expert hardware engineers can design a high performance power solution that is suitable for low cost, mass production.

Global Certification Guidance

Will your product be available in a specific market or industry? Depending on your product’s use, you may need further certification for your power solution. We offer expert guidance on certifications for our custom power supplies in worldwide markets. We can assist you in certifying your product with different global certifications.

We work with Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) including: UL, Intertek, CSA, SGS, and TUV America.

Certification Typical Lead Time
UL 12 Weeks
CE 8 Weeks
CB 12 Weeks
BS 8 Weeks
GS 12 Weeks
KC 12 Weeks
KCC 12 Weeks
SAA 8 Weeks
PSE 12 Weeks
BSMI 10 Weeks
CCC 10 Weeks
INMETRO 16 Weeks
IRAM 16 Weeks
GOST 14 Weeks
E MARK 6 Weeks
S MARK 5 Weeks
RoHS 5 Weeks
REACH 5 Weeks
WEEE 5 Weeks
FCC 5 Weeks
C TICK 8 Weeks
CEC V 6 Weeks

Dependable Manufacturing

You will receive the highest quality version of your custom power supply or custom battery pack upon delivery. HDP manufacturing partners have a track record of creating quality products in a timely manner. An HDP quality control representative inspects every shipment to ensure that our standards and your expectations are met.

Manufacturing Capabilities include:

• Turn key experience
• MFi certified
• Color, texture, and materials matching
• Customizable process control (reliability/testing)